”I still have his clothes and pictures hanging on the wall. His name was Raphael. He was only one year when he fell down the stairs. When I explained to the doctors what had happened they didn’t believe me. They thought I was lying and that I physically abused him. After that, every time I would see a baby my heart would break but somehow I had to keep going for my other kids. A few months later I was feeling really nauseous and I thought I had food poisson. I was shocked when I turned out to be pregnant. After losing Raphael I never thought I would have another child. I didn’t think I would have it in me to love another baby. Project Pearls helped me, not just financially but they treated me like family.
When my daughter was born I asked the founder of the project to be her godmother and to name her. She gave her the name Gabi, which is short for Gabriel. It means Angel.” (Manila, Philippines)

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''When our son told us he wasn't going to be a pastor we felt disappointed. Not disappointed in him but disappointed because one day, someone will need to take over our church. We are pastors and we serve a community of 200 people. We never tried to convince our son...

''When I told my father I was gay he responded with: 'No, you are not. You are mistaken.' It took me 35 years to tell him that. It still hurts when I think about his response. He is not a bad person, I love my father but he will never understand how I can love another...

Left: ''There is a girl in our class and he really likes her!'' Middle: ''No I don't!'' Left: ''Yes you do!'' Right: ''He is in loveeeee!!!'' (Manila, Philippines)