”I was working in a hotel in Singapore when I got my ”quarter-life crisis” so I decided to turn back home to The Philippines.
Back home I started working in sales but I realized that despite of the good salary, I felt really unhappy. I kept thinking: ‘what if this my last day? Will I be able to say that I enjoyed my life?’. So I did something unusual and quit my job. I was unemployed for one month, which in The Philippines is extremely long. I started contacting different non-profit organizations but since I don’t have the right educational background, none of them replied. Then, through Facebook I discovered a small NGO called ”Project Pearls” which provides meals and scholarships to kids in Tondo which is one of the poorest slums here in Manila. I send my resume and I got invited for an interview. The interview went well but I didn’t hear back from them. While I was waiting for a response, I started to doubt myself and I started to think that I had made a huge mistake by quitting my job. Out of frustration I applied for another job in sales. I got invited and immediately after the interview I got hired. Since I still wasn’t sure if the job was the right choice for me, I asked them for an extra day to think about it. I went to get a coffee, to sit down and think if I should take the job. All of a sudden I received an email from Project Pearls, saying that I could start the following week. That was the best day of my life.” (Manila, The Philippines)

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''I give them the same presents, an equal amount of attention and kisses. I don't want them to fight with each other or develop an unhealthy sibling relationship. They know that there is enough space in grandma's heart and on grandma's lap.'' (Manila, Philippines)

''It won't be long before my family will start to ask me about when I am getting married. I'm 23 and currently I'm really focussed on my work as an investigation journalist. I come from a middle-class family, In The Philippines that means you eat 3 meals a day. My dad...

''Saturday is my favorite day of the week'' ''Why is that?'' ''Because on Saturdays, I take off my ''cab-driver-hat'' and I put on my ''grandpa-hat''. (Manila, Philippines)