“At thirteen I went through a heavy depression. I didn’t have any specific reason to be unhappy but I just wasn’t happy. I would spend most of my free time at home or online. One day I met a boy through Facebook and we became friends. We would talk every day.

He was also going through a depression and he was addicted to drugs. Our friendship wasn’t the most stabile one but still we really understood each other. It was an online friendship and we only met one time. When all of a sudden I didn’t hear from him anymore, I asked his brother who I went to school with what had happened to his brother, I didn’t get a clear answer.

Months went by without hearing from him. It was really hard but I had to accept it. I slowly was feeling better and I started to heal from my depression. Then finally I received a message from him saying he went into rehab. Not hearing from him was really hard but I forgave him. Even though we only met once I do think we have a real bond. However, I think we both realized that we needed time to heal by ourselves in order to ever have a healthy relationship.”