I photographed Joseph before. Yesterday I ran in to him at the market. 15 years ago he was involved in a terrible accident working as a construction worker. He is not able to work because of his conditions. But Joseph is an optimist. he has been playing music in the market ever since he got back on his feet. Every time I walk by him I’m amazed by his lively energy. No matter the weather circumstances he is there, at the same spot with bright smile on his face. This little conversation we had yesterday made my day.
Me: “Hey, How are you?”
Joseph: “I’m good dear, How are you?”
Me: “I’m good, you remember me?”
Jospeh: “Ahh yes I do, You took my photo a few months ago. You want to take another one today?”
Me: “Sure, why not, Your name is uhm..”
Jospeh: “Joseph! Like in the Bible.”
Me: “Aahh right, what’s new with you Joseph?”
Jospeh: “Things are going great, I just got a new Christmas hat from my friend. It will keep me warm this winter.”
Me: “I saw your photo in the paper the other day..”
Joseph: “Ohh yeah, I am quite famous these days!
Me: You sure are. Well it was nice to see you again Joseph, I’ll see you arround.”
Joseph: “Yes, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself!”